About Spitbraai by Monique

Founded in 2003.   We are based in the Western Cape Peninsula.

Our business success is backed by Monique’s 32 years’ extensive culinary and confectionery experience.
Monique is an experienced staff manager, function coordinator and function planner.
Formerly the Catering Department Manager at UNISA, customers ranged from academics and our rectors, international guests, celebrities, and cabinet ministers including President Nelson Mandela and diplomats.

Spitbraai by Monique caters at your function venue, for private and corporate events, and on ships, such as the SA Navy battleships.

To my customers:
Our service is personalized in order to meet your requirements and preferences.
Your function is my priority, and I endeavor to ensure that your gathering is a great success.
Enjoy our delicious food, and the pleasure of our team’s trustworthy service.
I look forward to meeting you.

Your guarantee
We are always on time.
Proficient service, courteous and knowledgeable staff.
Monique is on-site and in control of the service at all time.
We serve a generous portion of 500g raw meat per person.
We do not compromise the quality of our product.
Only the freshest and best ingredients is used.
Throughout the cooking process, the meat is injected with our own marinade, an old family recipe, and served cut and piping hot.
No ready-made chain-store salads, marinades or sauce mixes are used.
In order to guarantee the freshness of your food, some final preparations may be done on your premises.


Magnificent! We value your quality.
The best spitbraai I have ever tasted.
Our wedding day will always be remembered for your delicious food.